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Technology Executives Business Counsel

The Law Firm of Mitchell I. Drasco is dedicated to supporting the technology business executive.
The legal issues surrounding the executives for emerging technology are unique. 

Since 1982, the law firm has represented startup companies as well as many of the Fortune 500.

Comprehensive technology firms need comprehensive legal representations.   The best  attorney for the emerging technology executive is someone with a management, technology and business background,  someone who knows both the technology and the avalanche of demands shouldered by  leaders charged with making tough decisions.   The Law Firm of Mitchell I.  Drasco provides it all.

There is virtually no instance where the law firm cannot add assurance to management's decisions.


Professional Profile                                              

Mitchell I. Drasco                      
Attorney At Law

A counselor for management. 

Skills include litigation management, corporate governance,
strategic planning, commercial real estate, working capital
financing, managing the corporate law department and
outside counsel, mergers, acquisitions, asset purchases and
divestitures, intellectual property protection, human resources,
commercial and government contract drafting, negotiation,
debt settlement, and HIPAA compliance.  Prior to practicing law,

senior management position with Computer Sciences Corporation 
and Hughes Aircraft Corporation.
Western State University, Juris Doctor ABA Accredited
Member of California Bar Since 1982
University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law Advance Studies
California State Polytechnic University, BSME & BS Mathematics

Currently Outside general counsel for both public and private firms that
provide technology based services and products, nationwide.


Legal Counselor for
     - Small Business Development Center - North San Diego County
     - Private company that develops software that "listens" to the written word.
     - Private Medical Group launching patient centered wellness clinics.
     - In house counsel for NASDAQ software firm that provided hospital operation control
     - In house counsel for two California Hospital Districts
Recent Past
In house or special counsel for companies, private and public hospitals, county and city
governments on a wide range of business issues involving computer technology and labor matters.   

Thoroughly familiar with wireless technology, computer software development, internet based business,
telecommunications, global satellite operations, space based traveling wave tube technology, proprietary circuit manufacturing, automobile electric battery R&D,  solar cell growth and manufacturing and related intellectual property issues.

As special counsel for a California County Board of Supervisors, over a period of two years, without the public noticing,
salvaged a failing, multi-million dollar computer networking development project involving the courts, marshals, police,
sheriff, libraries and other administrative offices.

As special counsel for another California County Board of Supervisors, created the legal netting to commercialize a
governmentally developed computerized welfare eligibility system.

Directed startup business functions of a nation-wide computer professional services organization with gross revenue growth of
30% per year on a base of $12 million.

UCLA lecture series on the comparison of commercial and federal government contracting.

Associate Faculty Member - MiraCosts Community College

Monthly bulletin on contracting tips and techniques for paralegals handling federal government contracts.
Contracts Administ rat ions Handbook, (1993), for Hughes Aircraft Company.

Co-authored two books on computer programming for INFONET's timesharing systems CSTS.
One of the books has become the well know Visual Basic.

Transaction Profile

Annually over 1000 Letters, Memos, Drafts and Briefs

Corporate Governance
Corporate Counsel - NASDAQ Firms
NYSE Delegation of Power to Officers by Board of Directors
Executive Compensation & Bonuses for NYSE Corporations
SEC Rule 144 Exemption Certification, Insider Trading Counsel
Corporate Secretary - Board Minutes, By-law compliance, Director Liability
Investor Formation – Commercial (C & S) & Non-Profit
Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Name Changes, Restatements
Outside Counsel Team Management

Human Resources
Reduction-in-Force Strategy Development
Harassment – Managing and Avoiding Sexual and General Claims
Senior Executive Employment Agreements

Asset Acquisition & Merger
Electronics, Computer Software and Services Firms
Employment Contracts - Full Time, Part Time & On Call Staff
Facility Management, Computer Operations
Real Property Leases, Short Term & 99 Year Ground Leases
Software Development, Operating System Development & Applications Development
(Contract Types: Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Cost Plus, Incentive)
Software Licenses, Distribution Agreement - Domestic and International Letters of Intent & Collaboration Agreements
Custom Electronic Circuit Design - Manufacture & Production
Joint Research - Battery Chemicals
Joint Marketing, Joint Ventures, Teaming Agreements
Mergers, Acquisitions, Asset Sales and Divestitures
Federal Acquisition Regulation
Air Force, Army, Navy, NASA and DOE
TINA Training for Engineers and Professional Staff
Defective Specification Claims
Bid Protests & Award Reversals
Foreign Military Sales
ITAR and Department of Commerce Import / Exports

Dispute Resolutions
Subcontractor Non-Performance (Vendor Lockout)
Demand Favorable Indemnification Terms ($90 Billion risk)
Force contract compliance of a British Aerospace firm
Force contract compliance with Hospital Drug Management Software Firm

Canada, China, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Israel and Mexico
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - Management Pitfalls
Distribution of Electronic Parts and Chemicals
Marketing Representative Agreements
Letters of Credit

Confidentiality Issues
Non Disclosure Agreements, General
Marketing & Business Strategies Controlled Disclosures
Sharing Trade Secrets with Competitors
New Product Development Status Disclosure
Controlling Key Employee Disclosures to 3rd Parties

Family Name Trusts to Secure Royalties for Future Generations
Non-Revocable Asset Trusts between Competitors
Revocable Living Family Trusts for Corporate Executives

Renegade Trustee Removal 

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